Tank Trouble (Secret Backdoor Codes)

Struggling with some of the backdrop codes for tanktrouble? Struggle no more. I’ve listed them all! *spoilers*

Through hours of labor, I discovered all of the secret (and super secret) backdrop codes for tank trouble unlockable content. They are listed in order below:

1. Dimitri

Dr. Dimitri was the created of the tank trouble death ray.

2. 161207

The first news post of Tanktrouble was released on December 16th, 2007.

3. Siberia

This is the supposed location of the Tank Trouble Lab.

4. Todo

As in a to-do list.

5. Labrat

Tank trouble strongly promotes testing on animals, specifically rats.

6. Whosthr

“Knock Knock!”

7. 302528

The amount of times laika orbited the earth.

8. laika

First dog in space!

9. calc

Short for calculator.

10. SNF

Stands for sheep and fences, a tank trouble mini-game.

To enter a code, type the tanktrouble web address in your browser followed by a /?

An example is shown below:


Happy hacking! Check out the link below (soon) for the super secret codes!!

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