The Amazing Spider-man Two Game Announcement!

It’s official folks!
The Amazing Spider-Man two to be released on May 2, 2014, will be accompanied by a next-gen game in it’s name.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, made by Beenox, has been announced by Marvel at the New York Comic-Con. It’s predecessor, The Amazing Spider-Man, was also created by the Beenox company. I, in particular, did not enjoy the 1st game as much as I wished I had. It was somewhat fun, but it felt too direct, I didn’t feel in control, like I was being forced into doing this and that. The side missions were extremely repitive, and the story was OK, but felt like it didn’t have any impact on Peter’s life. Now, given they had around a year and a half to produce this game, hopefully they will build on it’s previous game, to make it better than it was before.

It has been announced that there will be a mortality system worked into the game, which will allow spidey to make good and bad choices. Making bad choices will lead to punishments, while good ones will lead to praise(Except from good jolly Jonah…). I secretly cross my fingers that perhaps we will be able to do a little more than say “Hi” to the pedestrians on the ground(If you know what I mean…). Manhatten is also claimed to be bigger, and more interactive than ever. Many users say that the last game felt “lifeless”, so perhaps this update will help out with the realism. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is planned to be released next spring on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, and 3DS. You can check out the teaser trailer below! 

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