The Death of Oldschool RuneScape

Is osrs dying?

I was thinking earlier today, how long is old school RS actually going to last? I’m not talking about just the servers being on, but an actual thriving community. If you’re a RuneScape veteran and you look back you’ll see that the community was much different. For example, old school is just an older version of the Runescape GAME, not the community. Therefore the community will have the same mindset as EoC which gives old school a much different feel. Runescape back in the day wasn’t all about “Oh I have to rush this 99 and get my skullcaps!”, the community was a more laid back and friendly. I’m not trying to hate on old school, but that’s a fact.

So what does that mean? Players will get bored. For the majority of RS veterans the nostalgia will ware off and we’ll slowly lose interest, and other players will leave due to lack of updates. Most non-veterans don’t know what old school was really like so they won’t be able to fully appreciate it. Meanwhile EoC will continue to shell out large-flashy updates to their game, we OSRS players receive bookcases, minor updates, and other small non-EoC exclusive updates. And at the same time now players who are discovering EoC (mostly out future generation and children now-a-days) will have no reason to play Old School.

The best option in my opinion would be to divide the games and community. For example, serrate the current RS and rename is to Evolution of Combat, rename old-school rs to Runescape, and create a website/forum for these games. Creating a “portal” to give users a better choice. These wouldn’t be an easy task, but IMO it’d be one of their greatest moves. When players, including myself hear the word “old-school” I tend not to think of it as a REAL game. It honestly just sounds like a private server, which it’s not. If we want an active and thriving community there needs to be distance between the two games

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