The Largest Internet Game

One of the most war-themed computer game space occurred in Eve Online with participation by 4,000 players and aircraft.

War on the Internet that lasted about five hours on Sunday, July 28 between the two groups of players.

Both groups of players compete for resources in a solar system that is in the computer game.

Slowed the movement of time in the virtual world to allow internet service providers to handle the relationship the large number of players and the spacecraft involved.

The fight took place in cyberspace between spacecraft owned CFC Test Alliances with groups that are in the region of space called 6VDT and the war was won by the CFC.

Eve Online is a space simulation game that allows players to detailed spacecraft flew through thousands of virtual star system to find resources that can make them prosperous.

Resources can be found on planets and asteroids in the field or obtained by plowing or by other fraudulent means.

Real losses

The aircraft used in the war vary in size, ranging from small plane up to a giant space ship.

Erlendur Thorsteinsson-one of the developers of Eve Online-confirmed via Twitter that the message is the biggest fight in the game in the simulation.

At its peak, as many as 4,070 pilots and aircraft involved in the war in the internet world.

The most important moment in the battle lasted for two hours, when CFC sends a large fleet of space ships, the most powerful in games or.

The arrival of the fleet is making a lot of Test Alliance members to flee.

When the war ended, thousands of spacecraft have been destroyed and damage to real losses because in the game virtual currency purchased with real money.

There is no calculation of the value of the damaged aircraft in the war but the smaller space at the beginning of 2013, the value of the damage caused by aircraft-which smaller numbers-estimated at U.S. $ 15,000.

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