The Lucky Life of a Lucky Man

This is a story of a friend who seems to be blessed with the power of luck.

So first of all, this is a true story of one of my friends lucky life streaks as of late.

So in life there will always be one person you know of who seems to have all the luck, mostly winning a few scratchcards most times he or she buys them, up to bigger things like winning a competition. for example, A games console (which this friend of mine won recently)

So this friend who won this competition didn’t even think he would win it at all….that was the start of his lucky streak. He decided to go to a casino to try out his luck on the roulette table. Armed with $200 he decided to play the red or black game. Instantly he puts $100 on black and wins! leaving with $200. then he goes and puts the $200 on red…and sure enough, red comes out. $400. with that he ends his little flutter and cashes out.

This is the kind of lucky streaks some people have. but that’s all it is…luck. It can and will end in a heartbeat.

Remember that when you feel lucky.

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