The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Knight Guide)

Guide/build for knights and a small defense guide included at the end.

Sir Painhammer is his name. He is a knight. This guide will teach you how he should be built and played. In the beta, knights were somewhat overpowered, and this guide will take advantage of that fact. This is arguably the best knight build or guide in existance; it is an extremely thorough competitive knight build.

First of all, why are knights good?



High DPS

High HP

Clears levels fast



Now, for the build, you will go with greatsword as it is the strongest weapon you can choose.

For skills you should choose only the offensive skills to do as much dps as possible, since you are inherently tanky already.

Next, you will suit him up in good armor to make sure he is able to tank as much as possible.

Afterwards, you will begin attacking dungeons to earn more loot to suit him up.

Make sure you level up as much as possible and in no time you will be the top of the rankings.

As for dungeon defense, make sure you have good defences around ur base, and dont be stingy.

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