The Most Annoying Ways to Die on Call of Duty

A rundown of the most painfully annoying ways to die on COD.

Call of Duty is an incredibly successful franchise. Year after year the gaming world is blessed with the latest edition in the series of the first person shooter games. Since the release, and hugely positive reception of Call of Duty (4) Modern Warfare, the games’ popularity has grown exponentially. They’ve fought of strong competition from the likes of Battlefield, Halo and Red Dead Redemption to name a few, still managing to remain the top selling game each year. 

But every COD player has been there; a couple of kills off of a ’Nuke’ with ample of time left in the game. You decide to camp, waiting for the kills to come to you. With the red dot of your automatic machine gun poised ahead of you, nothing and nobody can disturb your focus. The position obtained means that death can only come to you from one direction- up the stairs. 

Your first victim is naive, possibly a young gamer, who recently attained the game and is in that ’honeymoonperiod’ where running around and shooting a pistol aimlessly into the air is still a novelty. Four bullets is all you need to ruthlessly stop him and any further antics. They penetrate his unsuspecting body and his life is swiftly ended. One down…one to go. 

A rapid reload sets you on your way to the imminent glory that surely awaits you. Suddenly…the screen flashes red, and without even realising what has happened, that all too familiar ’killcam’ screen displays your death. Shocked, you look on intriguingly to find out how that nuclear glory had been plucked from your grasp in just a split second. What you see is that same, naive player aim a grenade launcher through the window of the building that you occupied. As you see the ’noob tube’ rocket straight into your head, without even having the courtesy to blow up, you come to the realisation that the cause of death was a direct head shot from a grenade fired from a launcher. Your anger can no longer be contained and you erupt, expelling a torrent of swear words. The luckiest of kills has denied you that illustrious nuke, and your anger at the game, at the player…at the world has never been so great.  

So yes, ’direct impact’ is a very funny yet extremely annoying (if it is at your expense) way to die online. Direct impact is literally where an object in the game kills your player on impact. To rub metaphorical salt into the literal wounds of the virtual soldiers, the ’direct impact death’ can be caused by something as seemingly harmless as a smoke bomb. Yes…a piece of equipment that ironically isn’t designed to kill will kill you online if your health is at such a substandard level!

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