The Most Expensive Vedio Games of All Time

If U wanna a old game U can get it at a local flee market but these games cost over $2100.

10.  Pepsi Invaders

Pepsi Invaders sounds like the name of one of Pepsi’s many failed product lines, but it’s actually a game for the Atari 2600. Commissioned by Coca-Cola for their 1983 sales convention, the game is little more than Space Invaders with the aliens replaced by the letters that spell out Pepsi. Never intended for commercial release, only the 125 attendees of the convention received a copy. The number of cartridges that survive to this day is unknown, but the most recent one to surface was snapped up on eBay for 2125 dollars in early 2010.

9.  Ultima:  Escape from Mt. Dr-ash

Escape from Mt. Dr-ash is a game for the VIC-20, a very primitive computer from the early 80s. An obscure game for an obscure machine, only 13 copies of the 3000 that were manufactured are confirmed to be in existence today. When it first came out the game was a commercial disaster, and there are rumors that one retailer even dumped its unsold copies off a cliff. But today the game is worth around 2500 dollars to serious collectors, no doubt making the guy who ordered the cliff toss feel like an idiot.

8.  Mr. Boston

Mr. Boston, a promotional game given out by the now defunct liquor company of the same name, is a game for the Vectrex, another machine that will be unfamiliar to anyone who isn’t a huge nerd. Mr. Boston is just a slightly edited version of another Vectrex game called Clean Sweep, which in turn is a knockoff of PAC-Man, which makes Mr. Boston the least creative video game ever made. With only four copies known to exist, the highly unoriginal Mr. Boston is worth about 3000 dollars.

7.  Air Raid

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