The Order 1886 Trailer in Japanese

Seems Sony is targeting its homeland with The Order 1886, not just westerners.

The Order 1886 a game which appeals very much to western gamers has gotten a full voice acted Japanese trailer, which seems very rare. Sony is definitely trying to bridge Japanese and Western gamers together by having everyone support all genres. Here is the trailer:

Games like these- shooters, usually are not in Japanese gamers minds, these games are mostly targeted at western gamers. By Sony releasing a full Japanese acted trailer it is showing that they want the Japanese market (where there usually are weak sales for shooters), to support these types games.

Japanese gamers are mostly into their RPG’s of all types and Action, Action/Adventure games. Shooters are distant on the list games like Call of Duty sell a very small fraction in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

What are your thoughts on this move by Sony- are they trying to persuade the Japanese gamers to give in to western type of games? Leave your thoughts!

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