The Orgasmic Feeling From Music

The awesome feeling you get when you hear the music that you love.

Hey all, hope you are doing well :)

So I was just thinking about all the great songs that I know and have heard of in life. Music is one of the biggest businesses in the entire world, and with more and more bands and artists popping up, Its a sure fire thing that we will find that one special song that brings pure joys to our ears, hair standing up and goosebumps popping up.

I have just listened to a song called “Photograph” By Def Leppard. They are a rock type band with awesome riffs and musical integrity. Got to thank got old Grand Theft Auto 5 for reminding me of this great track along with other tracks such as “Don’t wanna fall in love” By Jane Child.

Music can be such a powerful thing, It can make us smile, shed a tear, make us just around or help us laze around.

Thank you Music….

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