The Peoples Opinion: The Gameboy Console

A look at what the public say about the Nostalgic Gameboy Console.

I remember when the Gameboy came out, it was such an amazing console to own! No longer were you restricted by the leads and the power cables of a regular console, now you can go sit in the middle of no where playing your favorite Gameboy games like Super Mario or Pokemon.

Here is a look at what people are saying about the GameBoy console.

“I also had the original Game Boy…but mine was green. I mostly played Donkey Kong games on it. After getting the Game Boy Pocket (in silver – looked fucking amazing), I realized who bad the original screen actually was. :P Skipped Game Boy Color, bought the Advance (not SP) but mostly played the original Pokemon games on it. Good times.” I Myself remember having some of the Pokemon games. The first Pokemon game I had was Pokemon Yellow. Gotta love Pikachu!

“miss the days when portable games came in their own protective case” I feel his pain, portable consoles are way to flimsy and can easily be damaged. Try damage an original Gameboy…you wont get far!

“Well he is right in that the game boy SP is better, but my GB original still works just fine after 16 years so I’ve never had much of a reason to stop using it! Hell the GB camera was still the most advanced handheld thing for quite some time” He is right! At the time, the game boy advance camera was very advanced, even having its own printer!

So if you don’t have a gameboy already or do and just left it to collect dust, dig it out and show it some retro lve =) peace!

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