The Popularity of Flappy Bird in The App Store Allegedly Aided by a Bot

According to him, all three have a spike graph that does not make sense. Thomas’s review can be read at the following link.

The rapid development of the game Flappy Bird who is now a phenomenon in social networking controversy. Because its popularity in the app store allegedly aided by a bot .

Thomas Carter, an iOS application developer and an expert in marketing applications, see the ratings game development Flappy Bird and other games made ​​by Don Nguyen, Super Ball Juggling, and Block Shuriken . According to him, all three have a spike graph that does not make sense. Thomas’s review can be read at the following link .

How could a game that was launched in June 2013 to direct popular in just 6 months. Thomas compares Flappy Bird made games with other Nguyen, who has a similar pattern of increase in graphics, jumped sharply.

Springboard popularity of the game made Nguyen has a different pattern than the other games in the app store, either Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

In addition, after checking the reviews-review written in the app store, Thomas found a lot of repetition of words, such as: glitch, “” Pipe, “and” Addicting. “These words are used in many reviews.

Reported Gameranx, Tuesday (04/02/2014), Nguyen did not want to discuss it further. His formal response is made ​​to respect everyone’s opinion about his game and did not want to comment about the article.

However, the article Thomas refuted by several readers in the comments while giving evidence. According to them, Flappy Bird helped by the popularity of social media, one of which is a review done by a user ID PewDiePie on the video sharing site, YouTube.

PewDiePie is a YouTube channel containing videos of himself playing the game moments. Currently YouTube channel belongs to the man who was born in Sweden has more than 21 million subscribers .

From the reviews on YouTube tersebutlah people begin to know what it Flappy Bird, it was circulated viral video followed by screenshots Flappy Bird game scores in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the path that makes people curious and tried. while the games artificial Other Nguyen, a lot of comments saying that after playing Flappy Bird, users also want to try another game made ​​by the same developer. That is the reason why the game made ​​Nguyen besides Flappy Bird also boosted its popularity.

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