The Real Story of The Witches of Today

Real news…

I report here a little true story what can I do witches those who cross the threshold and what kind of applications they have in them, because of money not to mention … We invite you to read (maybe if it’s in a future post I’m going to elucidate on that trick the devil egg ) .

Incantations , magic formulas and spells are gypsy traditions passed from generation to generation. That they saw two husbands who went to a witch hope they find out if their daughter fits her one . Both parents were very scared and in addition it remained without tens of millions of lei.

A famous saying reads: ” When you have a dear world , crippled right piece to you , to reach the bridgehead , beggar , slut and neared …”

For many it is just a famous poem . To others a curse that would be good to stay away . And how else to do it if it means resorting to a witch , who claims to be able to act and solve all the ills of the world!

The two believe they have found the solution to their troubles , C. and A. were going to try …

Related death …

It all started with an advertisement in a magazine or another, by a gypsy witch , gave the news to the world as the beloved boyfriend closer , untie weddings unsuccessful drunkenness cures , impotence and psoriasis.

– I wanted to know why my daughter’s wedding never took place and whether it fits with the boy who is now . I asked your name, boy name sign face and then told me to come back after 15 minutes … C. says he’s off that pushed her to call the famous witch .

– On the second call , the Queen told them that their daughter and son are related death is made ​​by two women , one young and one old. The solution ? A trip to the city Z. and 5 million lei.

In market after eggs

Besides money , the witch asked to bring a picture of the two, a large towel , again, a bowl of holy water , three natural flowers, a jar of honey and a thread length of where the sleeping girl.

Once they arrived at the meeting place , the witch stretched a sheet and invited to sit beside her on the floor. Then he asked all the items on the list . The husband sent to the market to buy 3 eggs , which ones to choose his hand , recalls C.

How about money , people had a million of them , whom they had taken to going to buy building materials. When we asked for money , her husband wanted to remove only 5 million . Margaret said to put them down all that it ’s better, continue to report the woman .

money burned

I could not say no. I thought I was stuck, and the man says .

The witch told that to overcome the devil , you have 9 times 9 million , quieting her that she will borrow the difference. Their money added 550 euros and 220 dollars, he wrapped it all in a paper notebook and gave them fire. A bright bunch , but just burned paper . Anyway, she told us that money burned .

After two hours of muttering incantations , witch asked to write the names of two newlyweds on one of the eggs purchased from A. then took to put on the chest, whispering a new series of incantations , which always repeats its phase out evil.

He put the egg in the bowl filled with water and gave us each a wooden cross , to break it . I broke and I saw him as a black moves like a snake or a lizard . He took it quickly and put in bowl , then cover and I could not see nothing , says C.


Immediately witch pulled out a paper he wrote that the couple owes 550 euro and 220 dollars. I can not explain how I , a man at age 50 , I left misled and I signed it . But if I could not do anything , says the man .

Witch summoned for the second day in a new session for the success they asked to bring detergent 9 kg , 9 kg of sugar, 9 bottles of oil, coffee packets Jacobs 9 9 Pantene Pro V shampoo , soaps and 9 two new sets of bedding .

We were scared of what I had seen in the egg and after I spoke between us , we decided to go home and we never return to it, telling the two .

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