The Sims Three : Island Paradise

What so fun about it? Check this out…

Island Paradise is an expansion pack for The Sims 3 base game. At the size of 3gb , this expansion pack really suit for person who wanted to own their own resort/motel. You can create your own resort/motel , make your own resort guests rooms , chapel , dinner , hire workers , set workers uniform and more below:

– You can create resort and owned it

– You can built whatever you want in your resort , your style

– If you’re lazy , there are blueprint for guests rooms and other resort’s facilities

– More new items such as different swimming pools shape , reception for check-in and food stalls

– You can hire as many worker as you want and of course , they need to be paid their wages (there is some bug with too many workers where they just stand at one spawn spot and get stucked together , hiring one by one from time to time can prevent this)

– You can set you workers uniforms or you can just create your customs uniform

– As owner , you can control reception , bar , food stall and more…

– There is option to view reviews from people around neighbourhood (people will comment and grade your resort with 1-5 stars depends on how you take care of your resort)

– As owner , you gain profit of your hotel over time

– New profession – Lifeguard

– Diving , Treasure hunting , Skiing , Swimming in the beach and more new action…

– Travel from isle to isle and become the inventor of it (if using Island Paradise map)

How fun was it? Get your money and buy it now from nearby game store. Enjoy~!

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