Three Phenomenal Free Multiplayer Games

A few multiplayer games that are worth looking at.

Looking for great fun without spending large amount of money? There are many great games out on the internet that do not require you to pay a single dollar, but still result in great enjoyment. These games can be experienced along side your friends, and are definitely worth checking out.

1.Runescape. Although this game has a paid membership feature, it is still loaded with many hours of adventure in its free to play realm. It ranges from leveling up your skills, making money, battling other players and slaying powerful creatures. As you level up each individual skill, you are able to harvest more valuable resources and gain more profit. As you gain profit, you can purchase new tools and equipment to make you more powerful and efficient. An interesting feature of this game is the grand exchange system. This is essentially the “world market” of the game. This makes trading extremely efficient and easy. Players simply head to the grand exchange and either place their item for sale or purchase an item they desire. Once another player places an order for the item or puts the desired item up for sale, the transaction is instantly complete. Another benefit of this game is that it does not require a download and can be simply played through your browser.

2.Maplestory. All the features of this game can be accessed without a single purchase. However there is a paid shop that sells items for real money. This game is a side scrolling 2D games that focuses on grinding on monsters to level up and collect money from. You can create parties and collectively achieve your quests through a party system. From the start of the game, you are required to pick from a family of heroes to choose from. Furthermore, you are required to do a simple tutorial that gives you an introduction to the different classes of your chosen family. Then once you reach the required level, you may pick the class you will pursue. You cannot change the class of your character after choosing, and begin to develop unique skills for combat. A plus side of this game is that there are few benefits from purchasing from the paid shop, therefore creating a generally equal playing field for everyone.

3.League of Legends. This game is currently rated as the number one free to play multiplayer game in the world. Although there is a paid currency system, it gives no real advantage besides an aesthetics boost. All the other features in the game can be accessed through hard work and many hours of play. You can create a party with your friends and tackle other teams through a team deathmatch type of gameplay. At beginning of each match, each character is equal and begins at level 1. This makes is possible for a player with a profile level of 1, able to defeat a player with a profile level of 30. Another benefit of this game is that it has a banning system that bans players who leave or are idle during game. This helps prevent punishment on fellow teammates due to idling.

Hopefully these games have granted you with some enjoyment and you found this article interesting. There are many other fantastic free to play online games to try out, however these are just a few that I have had a great experience with. I wish you the same enjoyment I had while playing these game!

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