Three Reasons to Get….a Playstation One

With all thee new consoles coming out, its time to bring the retro console back!!

Playing games used to be so simple back in the day, with great games like Crash Banicoot, Tomb Raider, and of course my racing favourite, Gran Turismo one.

Here are 3 reasons why you should go out and buy yourself a Playstation One if you haven’t already got one, Don’t forget about the poor thing stuffed in a cold dark place somewhere….go dig it out man!!!!

Reason Number 1: As I mentioned above, The Playstation one is the home of some of the greatest games in creation. Sounds pretty biased of me, but take a look at Grand Theft Auto 5….where did that start? The PS1 of course. GTA1 was and still is one of my favourite games. The top down graphics add a sense of diving into the game, along with the sketchy ride when you have to do the tanker mission that is reminiscent of the film Speed (not always easy to know when cars will be in front of you) but it did make us panic….Fender bender anyone? 

Reason Number 2: Rpg gaming was at its peak during the golden years of the Playstation one, I remember many of the final fantasy series games, clocking up a huge number of hours of playtime on most of the games (including the early Final Fantasy games.I’m sure with a lot of Rpg fans, if you were to add up all the hours playing RPG games on the PS1, it would be a staggering amount of days (I played Final Fantasy 8 for over 300 hours) Yeah, that kinda gaming time dedication. Worth it!!!!

Reason Number 3: Yes the Playstation One may not have been the prettiest console out of the huge number of them out there, but it did fill our lives with great entertainment. It didn’t matter if you used it for gaming, as a way to play your favorite music CD’s on the TV, or just a way to blow off a little steam after a hard days work. Never forget, that it was and always will be, one of the main console for hugely entertaining gaming and media…….

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