Top 10 Free-to-play Mmorpg Games!

This article will help list and persuade on which f2p MMORPG to try next!

With a pretty good background of 6-7 years playing MMORPG games, I have tried countless free to plays, looking for that same kind of fun you just might be. Why drop fifteen dollars a month when you could be enjoying  these types of games for free!

10. Age of Conan:

This game is particularly fun for a while, during the leveling process, you will experience a lot of cool story/scripted cinematics and player interaction, as you would with many MMOs. Something that caught my eye with this one, was really how it felt like a story game, while in an online world. Very cool! A classic one.


Star Wars: the old republic could have made it’s way onto the board a little higher, as it has a very fluid combat system, nice graphics and a decent sized community. However, the free to play restrictions are kind of a hindrance on progressing through the game. It’s a lot of fun with friends of course, either way. Solid game!

8. RaiderZ:

This game has a friendly, tight-knit community to become one with. It’s got a very fun monster-killer style and an easy going combat system to it.  There are no classes which makes for an interesting theory-crafting and skill/weapon deciding process. Similar to Elder Scrolls game, and the new (Elder Scrolls Online.)

7. DC Universe Online:

Ah! This game is a favorite for a whole new level of people. DC Universe online is actually a pretty in-depth comic style MMO with some neat customization into it. Many hours were invested in this game, same goes for much of the community who still enjoys it to this day! It has a very “fun” combat style as well.

6. Star Trek Online:

What is it about space MMORPG’s that use difficult restrictions! Again, another good one to play with friends, and although the restrictions for F2P exist, they are not too bad. This game is great for a fan of Star Trek and even those who think Spock is something you clean pots and pans with!

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