Top Five Playstation One Horror Games

A list of the Top five PlayStation one Horror games..Hold on to your kaks!!

#5 Koudelka: This game was a kind of combination between the role play gaming of the Final Fantasy series where the battle layout is pretty much the same, and the Resident Evil franchise, for example, being careful with ammo and supplies plus weird ass monsters too. Awesome! :D

#4 Alien Trilogy: At its peak this game was scary as hell! With game play that seems like the Doom series and makes it seem familiar, In the game you play as Ripley, as you progress through the game you will encounter Facehuggers, Aliens and other scary crap :(

#3 Dino Crysis: Take Resident Evil, Remove the zombies, Add dinosaurs and you have Dino Crysis, This Game had you on yours toes at all times! With the limited ammo supply style of Resident evil and the face that you never fully knew when you were going to get ambushed and ripped apart by a sly velocipede.

#2 Silent Hill: Played this game when I was younger and I remember quitting the game cause it creeped the hell out of me. Right from the start you encounter all kinds of oddities, plus that mist that hides the mutant creatures is a hugely frightening effect.

#1 Resident evil 1: This game was the very first game that I played on the Playstation one, And this get number one due to the first encounter with a zombie munching on someone, and the corridor where you walk through and a dog jumps through behind you so you panic and run away, then in front, another one smashes through a window sending you into a fantastic panic time! Damn It!! lol

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