Top Five RPG Games on The Playstation One

A list and explanation of the top five Role playing games on the Playstation One.

#5 Chrono Cross: This game is the standard type of RPG with enemies that came out at you on your adventures much like in Final fantasy. But in this game you can travel between time dimensions/worlds in the storyline making this game pretty huge!

#4 Xenogears: This sci-fi/RPG game is one of best game on the PlayStation back in 1998, With its game-play that of Final Fantasy with the active time battle system and gaining experience and items from a defeated enemy.

#3 Parasite Eve: This game is an awesome game with great graphics (back in the time of PS1), Definitely one of Squaresoft/Square Enix best games.

#2 Alundra: This game was one of my favorite games and I still have a copy of it now. Alundra is an Rpg/Adventure game that is very much like the Legend of Zelda. For example there the same kind of movement system where you can jumps up on ledges, buildings, finding secret caves and places, even shops where you can by items and weapons. Brilliant game if you like the Zelda series

#1 Final Fantasy 8: There has always been this argument about what the better Final Fantasy game was, Is it 8. or is it 7, In my opinion they are both so very awesome and I would have included it in this top 5 but I didn’t want to over-promote lol

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