Transformice: Crazy Mouse Mayhem

A review on Transformice.

Transformice is a flash MMORPG. You play as a mouse trying to get the cheese with the aid of a shaman, A mouse who can summon stuff.

Transformice is composed of different parts, depending on the game mode you are playing on. The first, most basic mode is vanilla. Vanilla mode is basically getting the cheese & returning it back to the hole (It’s harder than it sounds). You can be the shaman by having the highest score in the room(you earn score by getting cheese back into the hole, and additional score when u are in the 1st/2nd/3rd to get the cheese into the hole). Bootcamp is the hardest, since you need to learn techniques to get across obstacles. Survivor is the most fun part, the shaman gets alll the fun by killing the other mice in the map.

What causes this game to have some appeal is that it’s a physics based game. The maps have different types of ground with different friction. Mice tend to be blasted away very rapidly by spinning planks and anvil god and lava!

The currency in this game is obtainable cheese and real money fraise(strawberry). The currency in this game is only used for appearance, so don’t worry about pay-to-win.

Try out this game! It’s simplicity can be the glue to keep you playing!

Transformice site

Transformice wiki

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