Two Games Online From CCP Games Down Taxable Ddos Attacks

Two Games Online from CCP Games Down Taxable DDoS Attacks.

Two games online from CCP Games, EVE Online and the Dust 514 have offline at the weekend. The cause was a DDoS attack on both the online game. CCP parties also claim that they are doing an investigation.

In a statement, CCP Games has said it is still not know who carried out the attack. Therefore, they were conducting an investigation and the scanning of its infrastructure. Until this news was revealed, the CCP Games has not provided information when the problem can be addressed.

EVE Online itself is a MMORPG game for the PC. Meanwhile Dust 514 is a PS3 FPS set in the world of EVE and using the same server cluster. And Dust 514 itself has just officially launched by the CCP on 14 May.

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