V2 Cigs – Best Electronic Cigarette in The Market

Electronic cigarettes are officially in the global market and they are here to stay!

With more than 2.5 million people all over the world using electronic cigarettes, regular cigarettes now have a tough competition. Smokers, who were trying to kick the bud for quite some time, now have the option to choose a healthier, socially acceptable alternative for e-cigarettes.

Initially there was quite a ruckus regarding them fact whether they deliver the same punch as regular cigarettes. But with the widespread appreciation towards the flavor, punch and originality of V2 Cigs, that issue has been settled. As it seems, having an alternative that does not have the harmful side-effects of a regular cigarettes but still manages to give the psychological boost, is almost a boon for smokers.

The foul smell, ash and smoke have always posed a problem against the pleasure derived from smoking. However, electronic cigarettes do not emit any odor or ash. Even the smoke that it emits is not harmful and rather just water vapor. A success story among current e-cigarette companies is that of V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs has one of the highest electronic cigarette ratings. The company provides excellent service and positive motivation with its products.

V2 Cigs have been hailed as the next big thing and online ranking site Alexa.com hails V2 Cigs as the number one position holder among its contemporaries. The various flavors, simple technique and affordability make it one of the most loved brands. Those who have already switched tracks to e-cigs, hail V2 Cigs as the best there is. Being a chain smoker myself, I switched to V2 Cigs with a starter pack and noticed the difference. this brand is the best one there is in the market today.

Most smokers have to face problems daily when we have to find a place to smoke. Almost all public places and amenities have banned smoking. As per the American Non-Smokers’ Right Foundation, as much as 81.3% of the American population lived under a smoking ban, either at their workplace, bars, restaurants or even at their own homes. When I switched to V2 Cigs, I could smoke in most places. So much so, that even some airlines permit electronic cigarettes. However, it is better to verify before you start puffing at one.

V2 Cigs are available in 12 flavors including, Congress, Red, Sahara, Menthol, Coffee, and Chocolate. The taste is authentic and the smoke density is exactly like a real one. It works on both automatic and manual battery. There is a chamber inside the cigarette which houses the e-liquid that contains the nicotine. When we start smoking the battery vaporizes the liquid. The resultant smoke drives a nicotine-delivery system all the while remaining harmless. Even though there are other market competitors, V2 Cig bets them by a big margin, read more on that here.

Customers even have the option to try out cigarettes with varied nicotine strengths. The company produces the products at 4 different levels of zero, light, medium and full. There are mainly two kinds of kit currently – Starter and Ultimate. The starter kit is available with 10 flavored cartridges of your choice, 2 batteries (automatic and manual), 1 wall adapter charger, 1 smart charger and 1 V2 operating manual. 

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