Warlords of Draenor : Journey Into Draenor

A new journey is going and long before the hero Azeroth – filled with new challenges and new enemies, marked by great deeds both noble and destructive.

A new journey is going and long before the hero Azeroth – filled with new challenges and new enemies , marked by great deeds both noble and destructive .

Warlords in Draenor , players will travel to Draenor – homeworld of the Orcs and Draenei castle – before it was destroyed is now known as Outland .

Players will have the opportunity to experience the adventure on Draenor in all its glory brutal when they travel among dense forest , wild , plains battle – with a scarred , cold valleys and volcanic peaks . Zones in 7 new adventures , heroes of Azeroth will face a new enemy : Iron Horde , a powerful union that orcs of Draenor clan led by Grommash Hellscream ( father of Garrosh ) hellbent on bringing legendary unstoppable army through the Dark Portal to destroy Azeroth .

world of Draenor

Draenor consists of 7 new questing zone : Frostfire Ridge , Gorgrond , Nagrand , Shadowmoon Valley , Spires Arak , Talador , and Tanaan Jungle . While some of the names and places may sound foreign , have each been built from the ground up to present a new perspective on the wild heart and soul of this legendary world .

Frostfire Ridge : the snow-covered valley and beneath towering volcanoes , Frostwolf clan and Horde heroes unite to expel the invaders from their homeland .
Shadowmoon Valley : In the middle of the moonlit hills , Draenei in the holy shrine Karabor united with the Alliance in a desperate fight for survival against the Horde Iron and Shadowmoon clan .

Gorgrond : Deep in the desert valley Gorgrond , great siege armory built by Blackrock clan will soon be unleashed upon the entire Draenor .

Talador : In the shadow of the besieged city of Shattrath , the Auchenai Soulpriests actively seek to maintain Draenei countless souls in Auchindoun from a terrible demonic threat .

Spires Arak : At the height of their powers , regal Arrakoa above the high peaks , both of reach of brutal Shattered Hand Orcs and winged outcasts .

Nagrand : Among the lush hills and rocks of Nagrand wolves – riders of the Warsong clan remained a threat and not to be taken lightly

Tanaan Jungle : In the forest home of the Bleeding Hollow clan , Dark Portal under construction . . . Iron and Horde troops make dismal preparations to conquer Azeroth .

the Klan

The Orc clans have long fought against each other for supremacy on Draenor , but Grommash bid for unity has begun closing some divisions among them , except for one holdout : Frostwolf Clan . Although you may be familiar with many of the clan of story and song , we thought we would take the time to introduce you to some of them – because they may not have come your Orc

Frostwolf Clan : father and namesake of the orc Thrall began landing on Azeroth ( Durotar ) , Durotan led the Frostwolf Clan . Known for its prowess as one of the combatants , Frostwolf strong , powerful clan is closely tied to wolves increased their strength – although their numbers smaller than most clans .

Shadowmoon Clan : Led by chiefs Nerzhul , these orcs make their home in Shadowmoon Valley. They are deeply spiritual world and has many seers , astrologers , and the speakers are dead among their ranks . Their strength lies in the mastery of the dark arts .

Shattered Hand Clan : Led by twisted Kargath Bladefist , these orcs make their homes among the Spires Arak . This former slave who had been drawn together through joy , pain both self-inflicted and imposed on others . It is a pain that they believe they gather strength , and their reputation as a tireless fighter .

Blackrock Clan : Blackhand Led by itself , is the Blackrock clan discipline , organized , and militaristic clan who boast they are clever and metal craftsmen , they use brute strength and weaponry to destroy their enemies .

Warsong Clan : Led by legendary Grommash Hellscream himself , the orc clan make their homes in the fertile soil Nagrand . The robbers mounted on supports Warsong speed and maneuverability in combat – they move fast , strike quickly , and enemies long before they know what hit them . Battle cry they inspire their allies and strike fear into all who dare get in their way .

Bleeding Hollow Clan : Led by Kilrogg Deadeye , this clan made ​​their home in the woods Tanaan Peninsula . They are rugged and fanatical clan war with berserker rage and get gift of prophecy from their elders , who sacrificed an eye to see into the future .

the Neighbors

There are lots of creatures and people await you in Draenor , including a giant , flying arakkoa , mok’nathal , forelings , Sabron , fara , Gronn , genesaurs , and other mighty native animals . Sharpen your knives -a new and savage world that awaits !

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