What Will World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Mean for Cot

What will World of Warcraft: Cataclysm mean for the Caverns of time, and what may we see there?

We now know that there will not be a new caverns of time dungeon shipped with the game itself, it is highly likely that one will come with an update soon thereafter. There has been some debate over what this may be, this will obviously take us pre-cataclysm, but it seems to be fair game for anyone to make a guess. Most people currently think that it will take place in a Warcraft 1/2 era of time, but further back than the opening of he Dark Portal. It has also been suggested that e will be transported to he future in this dungeon. This is highly unlikely, due to the fact that Blizzard seems to want the players to somehow influence the future of Azeroth. This also conflicts with the theme of the caverns of time, the player enters in order to prevent the flow of time from being disturbed. It is most likely, however, that this dungeon will have something to do with Deathwing himself, or in some way related to him. This shows in that the dungeons in other expansions re-visit important past events in the development of a story. (Culling of Stratholme, Black Morass.) If any exoansion pack so far is so heavily lore based it would have to be this one. Therefore, it is overwhelmingly obvious that Chris Metzen (Vice President of Creative Development) will need to have some sort of backstory, in the form of a CoT Dungeon.

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