When Electricity Goes Down

A dark, humorous, sarcastic and weird(very weird) short story.

A friendly neighborhood. Lights everywhere, music, and sirens. Everyone sitting at their computers, watching videos on YouTube, reading articles, commenting on Reddit and 9gag. Nobody expected what will happen next..

Then it went dark day in the neighborhood. The electricity has gone down. No lights, no sirens..  nothing. Like a ghost town. Dark and silent.

Yes.. it was a ghost town. Suddenly people do not know what to do. Electricity is out and it’s dark out. No cooking, no TV and NO INTERNET. Yes, people feel as if they are thrown back in the dark ages. They take out their torches, go outside. They start making wall drawings. They feel like cavemen. The lack of access to the internet has decreased their thinking. They really think they are cavemen! Oh look one even has a spear! Wait..what is he doing there? I’m guessing he’s looking for prey but.. HE THINKS WE ARE HIS PREY! And so we ran. Ran and ran, to get out of their sight. But it seems, that lack of the internet, has given them instincts that have been long gone for humans and strength and speed of a cheetah. We run, we hide, but it was all in vain. They catch up to us. They are ready to murder us for our meat. We say our prayers and say goodbye to the world when suddenly, electricity comes back on! And they stop! It’s like they transformed back into human beings. Amazing..

And then i woke up. How does one’s brain dream about something like that, that’s beyond me. But hey, it sure makes for some big action in a dream!

The end.

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