Which is Better League of Legends or Dota 2!?

I explain what I prefer of the two MOBA’s League and Dota two.

What Is Better League of Legends or Dota 2?

                Personally I think they are both great games of the same genre but I will list some positive and negatives of each game. League of Legends (LoL) will be more descriptive because I have a LOT more experience with it. So some positives of League of Legends are it’s a way easier game to pick up though there isn’t as much of a skill gap between players it’s just an overall more fun experience in my opinion. I like how champions on League cost IP (In-game currency) that creates kind of another reason to play and I like currency systems in any game for some reason! League also has ranked Dota 2 is releasing it soon but still I give it to League because it is out and 100% fully functioning. I personally have no dislikes about the game nothing I could change to make it better really.

                Dota 2 I have only played a bit though I have watched streams and tournaments and I know the game decently. well it is a way harder game to pick up which I don’t like in games in league you have to play 10 games to get a good concept of what you have to do and that’s when you start getting substantially better. It seems like you have to play 100 Dota games before your competent. Though I don’t like the start up I like the idea of the skill cap between good and bad players. Don’t get me wrong a diamond player in League would make me look like a fool but if a pro went up against an amateur in Dota it would literally be disrespectful. Honestly though I don’t really enjoy the game IMO I would not change anything about it because I feel like any changes I could make would just ruin the game. 

Verdict is, is League of Legends is my prefered game though I do like Dota 2 in writing I just don’t enjoy it as a game. I hope you enjoyed this article and remember if you need help getting views on Triond, YouTube check out my blog http://triondtips.blogspot.ca/ Thank you for your time.

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