Which RuneScape God are You?

Ever wondered which God best suits you best? Take this short quiz and find out which God you are on RuneScape.

Q1) If you could have an unlimited amount of just one of the following items, which one would it be?
A – Arrows and Runes – To spill the blood of everyone else.
B – Food – Hey, you need it for everything right?
C – Bones – To get my pray up.

Q2) You find a glitch where you can attack players outside pvp, what do you do?
A- Head to the GE and massacre anyone in your way.
B – Discreetly kill just one person who is wearing a party hat.
C – Report it and decide not to abuse it.

Q3) Your preferred method of earning money is through:
A – Corrupt drops from your piking trips.
B – Anything, its all good as long as it pays goof.
C – Skilling such as woodcutting.

Q4) Your highest stat is?
A – Strength/Magic/Range
B – Defence/Attack?
C -A non-combat skill (such as fishing)?

Q5) Your hair style is?
A- Messy and covered in blood.
B- I can’t remember as I haven’t taken my helmet off for a while.
C – Completely shaved off  to show my devotion.

Q6) You see a guy insulting another player, what do you do?
A – Join in insulting this other player, its all fun.
B – Take your rubber chicken and whack him till he stops.
C – Tell him to stop and if he continues you report him.

Q7) A beggar comes up to you and asks you for 3k, what do you do?
A – Chop them down into little pieces and paint the surrounding area with their blood.
B – Give them 3k, then immediately after kill them and take it back. 
C – Offer them a load of advice before happily donating the cash to them.

Q8) Its a dark miserable day do you:
A – Hope for this will lead to eternal darkness.
B – Just turn the brightness up on your monitor.
C – Get on your knees and pray for it to be lighter.

Q9) Your favourite weapon is?
A – Weapons are not necessary, bite them to death.
B – Anything which is powerful.
C – Love.

Q10) If you were to die, how would it be?
A – I am too powerful to be killed.
B – After losing fistfight while being drunk in a pub. 
C – I wish to die as a wise old man.

Mostly A – Zamorak – Chaos truly runs through your veins.

Mostly B – Guthix – You are neither good or bad, just whichever suits you at the time.

Mostly C – Saradomin – You believe in world peace and will fight to get it.

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