Why Buy an Hdtv Even Now?

The best reason that will convince you to buy!!

The next gen consoles have the best graphics yet, but unless you have an HDTV you will only be able to have the graphics that current gen consoles have! it is really worth the money , I myself have an HDTV and by putting the graphics and flow to max it was like watching a commercial, the graphics looked as close to real life as they could get and the animations were very detailed and fluid.

It is not that expensive compared to the xbox 1 which is even less usefull in my thought , 

the perfect media room should have these items :P s4(incl. blu ray) HDTV, Lights , Surround sound sound boxes spread out accrose the corners of the room, and of course a behemoth pc

I hope to one day own a media room like that myself!

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