Why Call of Duty: Ghosts..

Here goes nothing.

The reason why Call of Duty: Ghosts sucks is simple. There are many ways to make the game better and smoother, but no one cares to listen. Problem number one is the fact that Infinity Ward does not listen to the community is serious. Treyarch on the other hand does. If something needs to be fixed and enough people complain about it well, nothing is done. 

Problem number 2 is the fact it is impossible to have a or keep a win streak going. Once the game is fired up and the player is ready to play online. The player is thrown into a losing game and if the player quits, well that is also a loss. Another thing is shoot first, die first. This kind of goes hand in hand with getting multiple hit markers, but your enemy only needs one. Countless times have I put the first shot(s) on people, but yet tend to die first. No matter what gun is used, it still happens. It does not happen a lot, but enough to be extremely annoyed buy it. 

Sniping, so easy a caveman can do it. It is by far probably one of the most easiest things to do in the game because it is a one shot, kill and you do not even need to be aiming at your target. Sniping takes 10 percent skill. Players also sit in corners and roast marshmallows in every game they play. Exactly how fun is that? Season passes as well. This just does not go for this game, but every game that is released now a days. Is 60 dollars not enough anymore? 

Respawing is atrocious. Spawn anywhere, but spawns you right next to an enemy. Countless time you can be shot in the back because you spawn in front of your enemy or maybe the enemy is right around the corner. Now, most of this happens everyday, but there is some good days, but mostly bad. 

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