Why FIFA 14 on Next-gen is Fantastic

A look at my personal game of the year, FIFA 14.

Better graphics, smoother gameplay and enhanced realism. That in a nutshell is what FIFA 14 on next-gen consoes gives you. Fresh exciting cut-scenes and slow motion replays, the game is, in a word, stunning. The gameplay feels real and exciting and somehow the games gives off an atmosphere, which sounds impossible, but I generally get nervous before competing in a big game! 

Crowds – now in full 3D – act and re-act to ingame events such as goals or a really horrific tackle. The game not only sounds, but looks amazing. Pre-game cutscenes show large 3D models of stadia, which look incredible and just show off the monsterous attention to detail. 

Animations are very smooth, with some new animations for crossing, passing and shooting. If you compare even just the gameplay change from ps3 to ps4, it is a whole different ball game.

It really does look that good!

Although the game has the exact same game modes to that on the previous consoles, they feel newer, more exciting, and a lot faster. I can’t seem to put this game down, I can play half a season in one session with ease, it is just so fun to play.

Plus Points –

  • Stunning graphics
  • Fast
  • Atmospheric
  • Realistic
  • Fun

Minus Points – 

  • EA Servers

Yep, new console, same issues. The EA servers are unpredictable and can sometimes make you want to put your fist through the TV. For example, I play a game on Ultimate Team and won 3-0. Great, job done right? Wrong. The game had finished and I was kicked out of Ultimate Team and it counted as a loss. This happens a worrying amount and it is something EA have to look in to.
Overall i’d give this game a 9.5/10. It is almost perfect, just has a few issues which could do with being ammended.

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