World of Warcraft: Leveling Guide for Death Knight

Quick leveling guide for Death Knights on World of Warcraft.

The way I chose to level up my death knight, was to go Blood spec and run dungeons. Yes, it gets boring when you keep getting the same dungeon over and over. Which is when you go quest again, and being a Blood Dk you can pull a bunch of mobs and survive during the quest. You might lose out on faster killing, but if you’re just killing everything for the quest requirement in 1 pull then who cares how long it takes to kill them, it’s better than running around killing minimal mobs in another spec.

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend leveling with you, especially if they’re a healer, then you can easily do dungeons all day and not have to worry about questing. The hardest part for leveling is staying focus in my opinion, I always find myself getting distracted on different characters. So with enough focus you can easily level up to 90 in no time, especially as a blood dk or any tanking class for that matter. Just queue up for random dungeons, if you have multiple friends/guildies you can run dungeons with them and just do speed clears, and rack up massive experience in no time at all.

If you choose to level up as frost or unholy, I’d advise you to queue for dungeons and quest while waiting for the queue to pop. The queue times are long for dps, and it’d be pointless to sit there and do nothing while waiting for a 30 minute queue. You could easily  get multiple quests done by the time a dungeon queue pops, and once you’re out of the dungeon you can queue up again and continue questing while waiting for the next queue!

With any questions feel free to contact me ig or at Http://
Realm: Thunderlord
Characters: Thoreiel (90 dk), Enragedbull(90 druid), Keintha(90 priest)
Guild: Rising Phoenix

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