World of Warcraft: Making Gold – Setting Up Your Ah Toon

Over 1.6 million gold in 2.5 months!
And it started with making a special little bank toon…

I just recently returned to WoW and started playing the AH a bit again. I had been pretty successful in the past, but my old bank toon was full of stuff from previous expansions. So I figured I’d start fresh!

Before I get into the details, let me say… my old AH toon was just a level 1 that I left in Org. There wasn’t anything special about it, and you certainly can make gold with a toon like that. However, this time around I wanted to give myself little every advantage possible.

I made a pretty little blood elf, and I included a special character in its name. Sure, it makes it harder to mail stuff (If you don’t know the key, use copy/paste or send a mail from the bank toon to your other toons so that you can just hit reply). The special character makes it a little harder for your competition to put you on their friend list, and some of them may not be able to do so. If you aren’t on their friend list, they’ll have a harder time seeing you log in/log out, which is important for knowing when to undercut you. Some people won’t know how to send a whisper to a toon with a name like that either, which is nice if you just don’t want to hear the hate whispers or lowball offers. Disclaimer: If you plan on posting items in trade to sell (or buying from trade or farmers), I would stick with the regular characters.

Then I leveled my toon to level 5 (but not past 9). You may think that’s odd, but there’s a great reason! The capital city (shrine) has an auction house, bank, guild bank and mail box all within about 2 steps! I knew I’d be going between the mailbox and auction house a lot, so having them closer is convenient.  However, you have to be an engineer to use those particular AH/mailbox/banks, and to become an engineer, you have to be level 5! I made sure not to get to level 10 though! At level 10, your competition can use armory to inspect you and figure out who your main is by comparing achievement points.

Once I was level 5 and learned engineering, I paid a mage 10g to portal me to Shrine of Two Moons, Pandaria. And I set my hearth to Shrine as well!

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