World of Warcraft or Real Life (No Level Cap!)

My views and experiences as a once proud guild leader now living in the real world!

This will be my first article to publish on the web; well not my first my first article was about how I was addicted to World of Warcraft. But I’m glad to say that was a year ago and I’m no longer afflicted by that addiction. Now let’s talk about my new addiction; ok well not really that would take far too long, instead I will talk about what I have done with my newly acquired free time since leaving World of Warcraft. First thing I did was I went out and got a job as a janitor! Cleaning bathrooms was a very fulfilling job mind you but I wanted more; and that hadn’t really filled the void in my soul that world of Warcraft had filled for eight years prior. I thought management would work well for my talents; I was a successful guild leader after all, we had reached level 25 guild, we had over 400 members so clearly I was qualified for a job leading men! After a short job search I landed a management job at a local international food service franchise. It was a very uplifting job; getting talked down by all the employees who I had stepped over being hired off the street in all is ever so much fun. Six months of this job was all I could take, and I decided to open my own business. Rethinking my leading men I thought really I was leading adult children so maybe I’m a leader of children; so I opened a daycare.

                Opening a daycare was the best thing I could have done. Now instead of running quests with noobs or helping wipe a dungeon with a level 85 paladin for a level 15 who can’t figure out how to play in a group. I play with children who listen about as good as the noobs I used to know. Now I know what you’re thinking “how is that even close to better” and to answer you I would say “well I got paid to teach people who may be capable of learning versus teaching noobs who clearly are not … and I didn’t get paid to deal with them I paid to deal with them” so I think it was a great trade. And a good thing now is I get way more sun shine! And I have learned to cook allot of different foods now. My own kids are able to see me much more than before and lastly I can spend time planning my real life with my new fiancé who once was my guild moderator back when she played as well; it’s a world of Warcraft love story!

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