World of Warcraft : The History of The Draenor as New World Part Five

Years later, the Dark Portal between Azeroth and Outland reopened. Players who ventured beyond the Dark Portal find land mines that once used to be called Draenor, now supposedly under the rule of Illidan.

The Burning Crusade

Years later , the Dark Portal between Azeroth and Outland reopened . Players who ventured beyond the Dark Portal find land mines that once used to be called Draenor , now supposedly under the rule of Illidan . However, as the expansion continues , it is clear that Illidan was not in nearly as much control as one would think . Kil’jaeden still has influence over the world of green once , and he had a staunch ally in Kael’thas Sunstrider .

The Burning Crusade is a remarkable expansion , but after the dust has settled and saved Azeroth , there is little left in the cards for Outland . The sin’dorei who have been so interested in Outland and possible cure for their addiction to magic betrayed by Kael’thas . But Sunwell , source of their magic , restored by the end of the expansion by the Prophet Velen , using Mu’ru naaru heart . Draenei seem to have little motivation to return to the destroyed world , content to remain on Azeroth Alliance with their newfound allies .

On Outland , the Shattered Sun Offensive has fulfilled its purpose , a lot of the best soldiers chose to move to Azeroth . In Nagrand , lush , green reminder of what was sure to be a verdant world , ork city to Garrosh Hellscream , who went to Azeroth and of Garadar say goodbye . The only other known way to Outland occurred a few years later , when Warchief Thrall retreated from his position as leader of the Horde and return to Garadar in an attempt to divine what happened to Azeroth , and learn more about becoming a shaman .

Additionally , Outland just float in the Twisting Nether , the goal seems to be fulfilled . Illidan Stormrage is dead , lord no more . Lady Vashj , also met his end , and Zangarmarsh safe waters . Kael’thas Sunstrider killed as well when he returned to Azeroth , and plans thwarted Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau as well . Magtheridon and his fel orc army destroyed . The Draenei Mag’thar and the rest of life , if not in peace , at least in a state of coexistence , and naaru have little to worry about , now .

But the point still stands : Without Draenor and unique history , so the history of Azeroth as we know it today would be an entirely different story . There will be no Dark Portal , no invasion , no war . There would be no reason for the Alliance of Lordaeron , there is no formation of the Alliance needed , and Kalimdor will probably be left alone . There will be no Lich King to try and conquer the wastes of Northrend , Garrosh Hellscream no crazy to run a campaign as Warchief . There will be no Sylvanas , there Forsaken . There will be no Horde . And without the united efforts of both the Alliance and the Horde , as trepidatious as possible unifications , there would be nothing to stop the further efforts of the Burning Legion . There will be nothing to stop the Old Gods .

From green to desert the world destroyed , the remnants of Draenor still a cautionary tale . A striking landscape was bare and bleak reminder of what the same strength of corruption , greed , unchecked raw magic can be done . In the end , though Draenor seems to have passed beyond the realm of usability , yet there is – small , fragmented castle life , depending on the Nether Play . History of Draenor , while often cruel and unkind , irrevocably linked to Azeroth as we know it today . Without it , Warcraft – and Azeroth – may be very different , the story is much more fun than chaos , madness and destruction .

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