WoW Beridina – Troll Starter Zone – Zalazane’s Fall – Patch 3.3.5

This is a short guide on how to do Zalazane’s Fall. It is the new patch 3.3.5 and comes with a short quest line and it is a lot of fun.

If you don’t like my voice that much, I wrote a description down below, so you can check that out.

The questline starts out just behind Sen’jin Village on Darkspear Strand. Once there you meet Vanira, who needs to scout the Echo Isles but needs some help. Players are asked to capture frogs for her, they are all over the place, and they are marked friendly. (if done in a group your entire group only needs to capture 5 frogs), Once you got the 5 frogs, take them to the totem next to the quest giver and tune them, then after that. You must get on the flight master south of you. He will be surrounded by bats, get on a bat and it will make you fly around the island. During that, you must drop bombs, or something, on the smoke flares. Once you completed that, go back to Durotar and accept the next quest. You are then asked to get help recruits on the attack. So then you have to get 5 trolls to come and aid you in the attack. I did it with a group of 3 and the 3 of us, got 15 trolls. So it looked really cool. So in Razor Hill you will find them, but don’t worry, they are all over the place. 

This is where it gets better. You accept the next quest and you will be transformed into some black ghost cat thingy. And you will be asked to take out the cat creature on the island, you can walk on water so it won’t take to long to get there. But it wasn’t a cat but a druid… a TROLL DRUID! Maybe this is how the troll druids are gonna look like. Once you defeat her. You go back and get the best 

Then you will seek out a ally to aid you in combat. This guy is like some ruler of the dead, because after meeting him you have to fight of a small army of the dead. But while fighting them but then you get an awesome buff that makes you do INSANE crits! I had at least 50k dps. It is a lot like the undercity raid. But this time, there are trolls. 

Now then, for the final part to this long chain quest. You chase this Zalazane from island to island. And kill a whole bunch of mobs, but don’t worry. It is almost impossible to die. Even as a tank. You do so much damage and the guys usually keep agro and you get healed for so much. Once done. You get a back, a nice item to transform you into a troll warrior and a feats of strength. This mean you won’t be able to get it for ever. So you better act quickly before it ends.

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