Xbox One Fastest Selling Console in Australia

The Xbox One has broken some Australian sales records by a wide margin.

Xbox One numbers are slowly coming in and today it was revealed that the Xbox One broke the Australian console sales record by double. The NPD Group said the Xbox One sold a total of 65,917 within the first 3 days of availability in Australia. This smashes the Wii’s previous record by a long shot.

This generation of consoles have broken many industry sales records, putting a dent into the prediction some analysts and skeptics made about the gaming industry “dying” because of mobile gaming. This shows that console gaming is at its strongest its ever been.

The Xbox One launched on November 22 in 13 regions and already has over 1 million lifetime sales in just 2 weeks. the next generation of consoles both the PS4 and Xbox One are selling like never before and breaking long time held records. Its a good time for the gaming industry, its a good time to be a gamers alike.

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