Xbox One Review

A review of the almighty Xbox One.

As we all know Xbox One was released about 3 weeks ago. Just as everything that is released has some pros and cons. The Xbox One has both, honestly something just would not seem right if nothing was wrong with it. Anyways, first comes the good. 

The pros of the system are it is extremely quiet, to the point where if it were not for the two lights, it would be hard to tell it was on. That is great for a system, nobody wants a loud and obnoxious system. It almost goes back to the days of the Nintendo 64. Also, it is your all in one entertainment system. By this, it acts as a universal for the TV and cable box. It helps out not having 500 cables running to the TV or surround sound, but instead it is one HDMI cord. Another thing is that the controller is extremely comfortable. The thumb sticks in general. Play the Xbox One for an hour or so, then play the Xbox 360. The little difference becomes a huge one. 

Another cool thing is the game dvr. Do not fret if something awesome happens and no capture card can be found, game dvr has your back. Although, the time limit is very limited of five minutes, it is still better than nothing. Kinect voice is very helpful on lazy days. Just simply state what you want to such as “Xbox, go to TV” and bam, you are there. The fluent game play is another amazing feat of the Xbox One. It is very noticeable in Dead Rising 3. The player can easily mow down hundreds of zombies and there is no lag. 

Unfortunately comes the cons. They are not extremely bad, but could be fixed to enhance the playing experience. First off is the kinect voice; with the good comes the bad. Even though the kinect voice is amazing, it is sometime unresponsive. You may be saying the same thing 3 times before it understands you. This is the future of gaming and we still use batteries. What is with that? Playstation got the memo and is still using rechargeable packs for their controller. Also, it seems as the controller files through batteries, and AAs are expensive. 

The lack of apps of the system poses a small problem. Some people want everything to be in one place, but it is missing apps the Xbox 360 has. It still has music, internet explore, and Youtube. Another thing it lacks is launch titles. Yes, it launched more games than the Playstation, but there could of been more, and/or better games. Also, the lack of USB ports. Two comes on the back and one is on the side. This one may be a big one, so grab a seat. If you enjoy listening to music, the 360 had you covered with and a couple other apps. Well, for the Xbox One comes a music app, but you get ten free plays. After the ten free plays, you are required to pay for the music. So, on top of the addition 60 dollars we are required to play and be online, we have to pay another X amount of dollars. Slightly absurd. 

Overall the system is extremely solid and a well built piece of machinery, The future of gaming is here.

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