Xbox One vs. Ps4: What to Expect

How will the new consoles affect the gaming industry and community.

with less then two weeks to go until the PS4 and about 3 for the Xbox one most people have decided what to buy this holiday season but how will the new consoles affect the industry and community. 

PC: The pc has always had the edge on graphics superiority but the new consoles could really cut into the market share of gaming pc’s. A good gaming computer can be over a thousand dollars while the consoles are have the price. On a HDTV games will look much better than a PC  could ever look. There are also more games for the consoles and now you go on the web on a console. The only thing that the pc can do that you can’t on a console is run applications such as word and Photoshop but tablets and smartphones can do these things and there is no use to have a laptop and a smartphone. Consoles are more fair because everyone has the same hardware and controller and although tgere are variables such as laggy internet connection and T.V. clarity, people are not put at a disadvantage because of their hardware. I have noticed that there is competition on who has the best computer on the PC platform while on a console it is a test of skill.

Games: of course the new games will look better with faster graphics and 1080p  output but the more RAM and faster CPU allows the console to have smarter AI and run updated game engines that the last generation could just not handle. The Xbox 360 had 512 MB of RAM  but the Xbox One has 8 GB. That stat should say how much more powerful the new consoles will be. As mentioned above this generation will be able to Kill the gaming computer.

Community: with new dedicated servers, it will be much harder to cheat and hack so gamers will have a much more wholesome multiplayer experience and former hackers hopefully will give up and learn how to play the real way promoting competition letting gamers improve. Companies claim that new cloud computing technology will be able to help them find cheaters faster and allow fewer backdoors into the multiplayer system. Now i love my PC but i may give up on it depending on this generation. Please like and share with your friends.

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