Xbox One’s Esram Praised by Dying Light Tech Director

Dying Light Tech Director has spoken on the Xbox One’s eSRAM giving positive feedback.

The Xbox One’s eSRAM has been the sufferer of much blame when talking about the consoles limitations, and is somewhat of a worry among gaming enthusiasts. When gamers compare the power between the PS4 and the Xbox One many point to the eSRAM as a weakness, Dying Light Tech Director Klarowicz likes it.

Klarowicz had this to say in an interview with GamingBolt:

“We haven’t played around with the eSRAM much yet. Currently, we use it for storing the zbuffer and shadowmaps.”

But as he later states they are finding the eSRAM to be “especially” useful.

“It’s especially helpful because the memory is readily available for any purpose and unit: the CPU, the GPU, textures, render targets, etc. It really smoothes out the optimization process.”

So here is some good news about the eSRAM for the Xbox One. The console just released, as the console ages and developers learn new techniques, strategies and get more accustomed to the process of making games for the console things should really smoothen out for the Xbox One and the PS4 in terms of developer “friendliness”. Already though from the start Techland studios are comfortable and are being versatile using the Xbox One’s eSRAM, that’s a good sign!

Dying Lights is scheduled to release in 2014 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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