Zoo Tycoon Xbox One/360 Review

Review of the new Zoo Tycoon.

Zoo Tycoon for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 is nothing like the Zoo Tycoon for the computer oh so long ago. The game can be fun, but it can get boring at times. For this game you may be thankful for the achievements otherwise the game would probably sit on the shelf. The graphics are pretty fluent, they have a cartoonish feel to it, but it looks good. They also added zoo view which allows you walk through your zoo as a zookeeper and of course they still have the traditional overhead view. 

There are 4 game modes tutorial, free form, challenges, and campaign. The tutor and free form modes are pretty straightforward. The challenges and the campaign are almost the same. In campaign, you travel the globe to different zoos and complete task. The zoos are already built, the player just has to add attractions or more animals. The challenge mode is exactly what the name implies. The player can choose any zoo across of the globe and begin to build. Challenges are given as you progress through the game, they can be anywhere from taking a picture to releasing an animal into the wild. 

When it comes to the building the park and adding animals, there really is no room for creativity. When adding a concession, the player can customize the path, the trash cans, benches, and more, but you can not add a path. Everything that is built has it own path and it draws out the path for you. The player just drops and the work is done. The animal selection is very limited. They have a lot of animals, but the animals are just different color variant. When playing, as selecting the lion tile it takes you to more tiles which has the different types of lions, so in a way it is very limited. More could have been added or done another way to make the game more enjoyable, but it is a perfect game for young kids. 

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